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‘Enjoy and Achieve’

‘Enjoy and Achieve’

CALM Affiliation

CALM is an approach to behaviour management that encourages preventative strategies to reduce restrictive practices and interventions. The approach focuses on:


  • The root causes of distress presenting as behaviour that challenges
  • How to use de-escalation to promote emotional and behavioural regulation during crisis
  • Legal, guidance and policy frameworks 
  • The principles of integrated, attachment-based and trauma-informed positive behaviour support (PBS)
  • How to protect and promote the human rights of vulnerable children and adults
  • The role of whole-person-centred individualised support plans
  • Staff wellbeing


All our staff receive CALM training. 


You can find out more about CALM here:


Nicky Rai is our school CALM trainer (verified externally by CALM associates). If you would like further information about CALM, please contact Nicky via the school office: