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‘Enjoy and Achieve’

‘Enjoy and Achieve’

Information for Parents

Whilst it is accepted that opportunities for Kingsley's learners to enter employment may be limited, this does not mean we do not aspire for our learners to develop skills and knowledge to enable them to make the most of any opportunity that may arise.


The school's pathways are geared towards preparation for adulthood via continuing further education, either locally or at specialist provision. These are typical pathways, although Some learners may however transition to community or supported living placements after school.


A map of typical pathways for Kingsley's learners from KS3 to P16


The school's curriculum offers opportunities for:

  • Work Experience, both in-school and out-of school. Previous placements have included Pizza Express, Heathrow Special Needs Farm, Harrow Weald (Wyevale) Garden Centre, local libraries and estate agents, Kier site supervision, school office and school kitchen.
  • Vocational studies. In Post 16 learners take part in weekly learning involving Horticulture, Catering and Business Enterprise.
  • Mini Enterprise activities are undertaken across the school, with recent enterprises including Christmas Card sales and design, smoothie-making, car washing, art exhibitions and cake sales.
  • Employer visits. Visits to a range of community employers take place through classes' weekly Community access lessons. Workplaces visited include cafes and restaurants, supermarkets and shopping centres, garden centres, transport hubs and community hubs. Visiting workplace professionals are welcomed to the school; recent visitors include a farm, a midwife and members of the emergency services.


The school has a linked Independent Careers Advice and Guidance advisor, employed by the Prospects branch of the Shaw Trust. The advisor works closely with learners and their families as they prepare for transition out of school. This is primarily focussed on Year 14 learners.


The school works closely with the Employability and Careers arm of the Education Development Trust, and has a linked Enterprise Co-ordinator.