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‘Enjoy and Achieve’

‘Enjoy and Achieve’


A Virtual Transition Tour of Kingsley High School

Filmed by school staff to provide a virtual guide to the school for potential new learners and their families.

Year 6 - Secondary School Transition


The transition programme for our new pupils focuses on collecting as much information as possible about the pupils needs and helping the pupil to feel comfortable and acclimatized to their new school environment. Once the placement is agreed and start date confirmed, the process starts with Kingsley staff visiting the pupil in their current school and then having multiple opportunities for the pupil to visit Kingsley supported by their current staff. These visits entail activities around the school and getting familiar with the different environment. We also have transition resources on our school website which can be used by parents and other school staff to prepare the pupil for these visits. We have a parents' Induction Day, where parents receive an Information and forms booklet, meet key staff, find out about school procedures and have opportunities to ask questions. Each child will also be sent a social story about their new school with photos of different areas in the school, a photo of their class teacher and key staff members.


Kingsley staff will also endeavour to attend the pupils last annual review at their current school. A member of the staff team will visit the pupil in their current class environment and have information exchange sessions with the staff team there. We have a staggered start in September where Year 7 pupils will start one day before the rest of the school. Discussions about individual transition needs of pupils are had between current class teachers and parents and if individualised transition plans are needed they are put in place and reviewed to allow each child to settle at their own pace. We recognise the importance of a smooth transition period in enabling a positive start to secondary school life! 

KS3 - KS4 Transition



KS4 - Post-16 Transition


Our new Post-16 satellite provision is based at Weald Rise School and is an extension of Kingsley High School. This means that there is transition to a new building for most of our Year 11 students. Parents will be informed of plans for Post-16 in their young person's Year 11 annual review, which will be attended by the Assistant Head for Post-16. 


We will facilitate weekly visits in the Summer term to the Weald Rise site for pupils transitioning to Post-16 which will entail activities around the school building and routines. Students will be provided with social stories about their new classroom, including pictures of the building and staff. 


We will also offer information sharing events (such as coffee mornings) to provide parents with the opportunity to ask questions and visit the Weald Rise provision.

Post-16 - College Transition


The transition programme for our Post-16 students focuses on developing strong relationships with college staff, in order to share information and provide our students with the smoothest start to college life. Those pupils who are in Year 14 will have an extended transition to Harrow College (or other setting depending on pathways). Where appropriate, we may extend this to Year 13 pupils who would benefit from a longer transition period. 


Initially, we facilitate visits from college tutors to Kingsley to meet and get to know the students, with the college tutor eventually teaching the transition group for one day per week at Kingsley. In the second part of the Spring term, the students will begin to visit Harrow College for one day per week, supported by both familiar Kingsley staff and college staff. These visits entail activities that mirror those that the students will encounter at college. Students are provided with social stories and information about their visit prior to this happening. We maintain strong links with Harrow College, to ensure communication is effective during the transition period. 


We also offer information sharing events (such as coffee mornings) with relevant staff from various services in Harrow to provide parents with the opportunity to ask questions.