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Inclusion Quality Mark 2017

Inclusion Quality Mark 2017

Kingsley High School were again successful in meeting the standards required for the Inclusion Quality Mark.

The Inclusion Quality Mark comprises eight elements which deal with inclusion in its widest sense and in all aspects of school life.

The eight elements are all practical parts of the life of a school.

Element 1 -The Inclusion Values of the School.
Element 2 – Learning Environment, Resources and ICT.
Element 3 – Learner Attitudes, Values and Personal Development.
Element 4 – Learner Progress and the Impact on Learning.
Element 5 – Learning and Teaching.
Element 6 – Parents, Carers and Guardians.
Element 7 – Governors, Management and External Accountability.
Element 8 – The School in the Community.

The next step is to become an Inclusion Quality Mark Centre of Excellence.