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‘Enjoy and Achieve’

‘Enjoy and Achieve’

Jack Petchey Awards

We are currently a Silver Level Jack Petchey school. This means we are able to nominate six award winners per school year; 4 nominations between 1st Janary and 30th June, and 2 nominations between 1st September and 2nd November. 


Students can be nominated for the following: 


  • Helping peers/staff over and above expectations 
  • Being a good role model/mentor
  • Showing bravery 
  • Overcoming a personal challenge
  • Volunteering 
  • Showing perseverance 
  • Breaking through a personal barrier


Winners receive the following: 


  • A framed certificate 
  • Copies of 'Notes from Sir Jack Petchey'
  • Congratulations letter for each winner
  • Pin Badges


Each winner also receives a prize grant, which can be used to purchase special items for school. Students choose what they would like to spend their money on. For example, students might use the money for:


  • Social trips
  • Art activities
  • Sports kits 
  • Sports events and tours
  • Specialist workshops or training
  • Equipment (cameras, bicycles, games consoles, art materials)
  • Events
  • Coaching


There is also a yearly awards ceremony held at Watersmeet Theater. 


Congratulations to all our winners!