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‘Enjoy and Achieve’

‘Enjoy and Achieve’

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Careers: Teaching and Learning

The intent of our curriculum is to 'offer an engaging school experience which will enable each pupil to make sound progress, taking steps towards adulthood and independence'. Priority is given to promoting communication, life-skills and independence. As such, vocational learning forms an important part of our school curriculum. 



Skills and knowledge for work and life are taught both explicitly (in Post-16 'Vocational Studies' lessons) and within other areas of the curriculum (i.e. learning about money in Numeracy). These are assessed using our Skills Workbook, examples of which can be seen below. 































In addition to the Skills Workbook, pupils work towards accreditation in Vocational skills through EQUALS and ASDAN modules. These are programmes specifically designed for pupils with additional needs, which provide appropriate levels of challenge for our students. More information about these programmes can be seen below:




For further information on our curriculum and skills workbook, click the link below:

For further information on accreditation, click the links below: